Tom Trautsch performs with a matched pair of HoloDesk DJ screens

Legendary DJ Tom Trautsch literally performs with “all hands on deck” when he takes to the stage with a pair of twin 42″ HoloDesk Edgeless screens.

Tom Trautsch has a wealth of experience entertaining dance floors around the globe and is a leading influence in the European club music scene. Tom is a DJ Product Ambassador for the HoloDesk and is working at developing a new live music production technique and process based around the HoloDesk screens.

The DJ can be likened to a preacher, crowd controller, entertainer and technician. Bringing that versatile mix together can be a challenge and takes years of experience to get the balance right. One aspect that is the basis and provides a solid foundation for the DJ is personality both in front and away from the audience. Tom Trautsch is one performer that is challenging the sterotype of the DJ simply spinning vinyl and has come to understand that it is ultimately about creating an experience for the audience through the use of technology and music. The HoloDesk systems are allowing Tom to explore the technology process of creating a one man live multi media experience in clubs world wide.

Superstar Britney Speirs gets all fired up with HoloDesk

Superstar Britney Speirs, love her or hate her, one thing is a given, by using a HoloDesk Interactive Screen she joins an exclusive group of artists incorporating our state of the art HoloDesk interactive technology.

Holodesk Interactive DJ surfaces go mainstream with Britney’s “Till the World Ends video”. Ever since Tom Cruise mesmerised audiences with gesture touch based on a large screen in the film Minority Report, others have been clamouring to bring it into mainstream. Thanks to innovation from HoloDesk large format interactive DJ desks are not just on the drawing board but they are shipping world wide. HoloDesk has the worlds largest interactive DJ sizes and options. Britney’s Till the World Ends video clip turns the minority into the majority.

The HoloDesk in Till the World Ends

Till the World Ends by Superstar Britney Speirs features the virtual interactive console known world wide as HoloDesk

Who wants to be next artist?

Now what New Zealand artist or NZ band would like to be the first Kiwi band to feature The HoloDesk in their music clip …free of cost. tell us why you deserve to have this latest technology in your music video. Sure beats a tiny squinty little iPad for sure.

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