ICE Terminal Integrated Display, Player and Cloud service allows anyone to implement cloud screens

ICE Digital Display The 22 inch Android based ICE Terminal Display is a very new product that we are a launching that allows anyone to easily set up a Cloud based digital display network.

No need to understand how to setup a server, programme in code or technical confusing setup. The solution is the 22 inch wide screen that incorporates a quality LCD panel, internal computer player and cloud management service.

Combines Screen, Internal Player, and Online Cloud Server

Combines Screen, Internal Player, and Online Cloud Server

The ICE TDS 22 inch screen is a cloud based digital signage display system which works fine for the large majority of smaller customers as they have no ability to run their own servers and to manage such infrastructure. Hence the cloud based model works perfect in this requirement for the small network.

For larger network clients, the inhouse server model can work well as ongoing invoiced monthly costs are absent and is based on buying a license for the Management Software that has the ability to play, manage and serve to the distributed players / screens.

In both models the front end result is the same, and it is the backend management that differs. The back end hosting scenario is where the difference is with varying cost regimes. Irrespective of the hosting model an Administrator can walk up and update, control and load etc.

The screen and player operates to display content irrespective of whether the internet is down or not, as content is pushed out from the Hosted Server/Cloud when content is published. The only time the internet would disrupt operations is when the Cloud option is used and the Admin can not log into their account to upload content due to their local internet connection is down and therefore they cannot
adjust schedules and then Publish to the Players and the second scenario is when the internet is down at the player end and cannot receive new content.

The LCD Terminal Screen with the built in Player has software pre-installed and at new, needs to be placed online and then configured via the Server Management.

The standard memory configuration is an internal 4GB flash memory.
A TF card expansion slot can be fitted if required that would provide an additional 8GB of storage. The display is powered by the Allwinner A20 chip boasting a dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU with 512KB of L2 cache and 128KB of L1 cache. There’s a Mali 400 GPU on board supporting up to 2160p HD video playback. In 2012 Allwinner is leading the chip shipments in mainland China 2012, supplying 22 million out of the 60 million chipsets.

Additional Sizes include:

7 inch Android 3G model(Built-in 3G modem)
7 inch Android WiFi model (Support external 3G modem):
10 inch WiFi model
32 inch
42 inch

Terminal Display Player brochure download

If you already have a few LCD, Plasma of Projector displays that you would want to run as cloud based digital advertising and message screens then the Terminal Display Player is the perfect low cost solution.Download the Terminal Display Screen brochure here.

We look forward to hearing from you whether you want to rollout out over many sites, are a reseller, end user or working with your partners to implement local cost digital screens.
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ICE Network Terminal Media Player turns any screen into a remote access advertising screen network

A Digital Advertising Screen requires a developed cloud management solution, a low cost Terminal Player and hosted service to be successful. Our ICE Advert Network has all this in place and allow sophisticated digital ad networks to be set up that you can grow one screen at a time and access it from anywhere on the planet that has an internet connection.

Digital Media network player

With a USA and Asian Server established to handle up to a 100,000 distributed players around the globe, it is the perfect solution for restaurants, museums, product screens, retail information, point of sale, check out locations or tourist centres are just a few of the ideal candidates. The Managed Admin solution takes all the headache out of developing, maintaining distributed signage screens.

We ship it ready to start working and can even prepare content for you. No operating system to install!

Build your own in-store TV network, screen by screen, no servers to install, or software to build, add one store location at a time and manage remotely.

The Players are available for ICE Resellers and End Users globally.
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Interactive Real Estate Window Projection Screen

Interactive Division: Dynamic interactive images with movement, animation and vibrant colours, attract the attention from pedestrians. By utilising the large window area of real estate offices, creative marketing can be achieved. Drawing attention is the key to motivating potential buyers to stop and investigate housing or commercial premises you have available.

Retail touch screen

Interactive thru glass systems means there is no technology installed on the footpath.

By using projection or LCD/Plasma with the I.C.E touch foil or iQRite Touch frames companies like this NZ real estate company can achieve the results they need as part of their monitored marketing plan.

By combining one of the ICE Digital Daytime rear projection screens with a range of optional innovative technologies, state of-the-art systems can be achieved to capture the attention of potential buyers.

In this installation, an Auckland real estate office, faced a challenge with their new up market, first floor sales office. The downstairs footpath office staircase window provided very limited space for property cards to promote the million dollar plus properties. After discussions with leading specialist AV display integration company, ICE AV, a system was designed based on the recently patented interactive surface sensor technology and new projection polymer based light intensification screens. It was decided to turn the entire downstairs office entrance window into an interactive touch screen, pioneering a concept in New Zealand. Now with latest in window display technology installed, a new system for displaying real estate properties has been proven.

Traditionally office windows have been used to display only the printed property display cards, however by using a ICE Display system, real estate offices can bring their marketing alive. Now ICE AV is offering the very latest trend of Social Media based digital displays.

In addition the system can be used to market related companies and services like lawyers, bank loans, moving companies, landscape services, house preparation, renovation services and the like.

One major advantage projection has over plasma / lCd screens is the ability to achieve larger image size per per square m cost. In addition the use of LED screens allows absolute brightness capable of daytime use and can be incorporated with both in air gesture, laminate and frame touch solutions.

Combined with our various Interactive Content Management Software solutions ICE AV has complete solutions for the commercial and real estate display market.

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